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Dedicated Mediators

Joseph and Aleen are a husband and wife mediation firm. Their goal is to help clients resolve disputes by assisting them with impartiality, professionalism and compassion.

"We aim to resolve all disputes with smart, strategic and workable solutions." 


Experience You Can Trust

Joseph and Aleen are practicing government attorneys. Each has practiced law in California for over 20 years, having worked in both the private and public sectors. Their education and experience is invaluable.


Diverse Expertise

Joseph and Aleen have participated in numerous State and Federal mediations, covering a diverse cross-section of issues and forums.

Mediation Services


Langton Mediation provides impartial third-party mediation services to facilitate communication and negotiation, promoting voluntary decision-making by the parties to the dispute.  

Lawsuits are expensive, extremely time-consuming and extremely frustrating. Most parties to lawsuits are required to participate in mediation, before going to trial. A successful mediation will prevent you from going to court. If you are interested in saving time, money, and frustration, start with mediation and resolve your dispute before filing a lawsuit. You can forgo expensive attorneys, numerous court hearings, extensive discovery demands, uncomfortable depositions, and unnecessary courtroom testimony and drama.

Langton Mediation's trained mediators are neutral and impartial experts, enabling you to have constructive discussions and negotiations. They are result-oriented and will assist you with creative solutions to resolve your dispute once and for all. The mediators do not make decisions for you, like an arbitrator or a judge does. You make the ultimate decision to finalize your dispute once you are satisfied with an outcome.  Joseph or Aleen will work with you, individually or alongside your lawyer if you have one, to help resolve your issue, making every effort to prevent you from ending up in court. 


Conveniently available nights and weekends, in-person or via video-conference.


$250 per hour for mediator-time, split evenly between the parties. No minimum number of hours. No additional administrative fees. 

Conflict of Interest

As practicing government attorneys, for legal and ethical reasons, the Langtons cannot mediate disputes for any County of Los Angeles-related issues.  As mediators, they are also unable to provide legal advice to any of their mediation clients. Should a client need legal advice, the Langton's will happily refer them to a local attorney. 

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FAQs about Mediation


What is Mediation?

Mediation is the attempt to settle a dispute through the active participation of a neutral third party (the mediator). The mediator works to find points of agreement to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome for the parties. The mediator does not take sides or make decisions for the parties. For a successful mediation, the parties must agree with the final outcome. All information discussed during a mediation is confidential. 

How is Arbitration different from Mediation?

In arbitration, a neutral third party (the arbitrator) hears both sides of a dispute and acts like a judge, making a final decision to resolve the dispute.  An arbitrator does not find points of agreement between the parties. Instead, an arbitrator hears evidence and then makes a final decision. 

What should I expect at the Mediation?

1. Mediator's Opening: Introductions, discussion of goals and rules. 

2. Parties' Opening: Each party presents the issue as he/she sees it.

3. Private Discussions: The mediator meets privately with each party (usually more than once).

4. Closure: If agreement has been reached, mediator prepares summary notes; If no agreement is reached, the mediator can discuss future options. 

How long does Mediation last?

The circumstances of each mediation vary greatly. There is no specific time-frame that can be quoted for all mediations. Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes typically resolve in a half-day session; whereas complicated business disputes can take a full-day session. 

Am I guaranteed a resolution of my dispute?

 The circumstances of each mediation vary greatly. There is no specific time-frame that can be quoted for all mediations. Neighbor-to-neighbor disputes typically resolve in a half-day session; whereas complicated business disputes can take a full-day session.

Is the Mediation confidential?

Yes. Under the California Evidence Code, all information shared and discussed during a mediation is confidential.